Scientific Style and Format - 8th Edition

The CSE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers


Guides to Usage and Prose Style

Many books offer guidance on clear writing and appropriate usage. This list includes primarily guides with broad scope.

Bernstein TM. The careful writer: a modern guide to English usage. New York (NY): Atheneum; 1973.

Brown RW. Composition of scientific words. Rev. ed. Washington (DC): Smithsonian Institution Press; 1956.

Chalker S. Oxford dictionary of English grammar. New York (NY): Oxford University Press; 1998.

Fogarty M. Grammar Girl’s quick and dirty tips for better writing. New York (NY): Holt Paperbacks; 2008.

Fowler HW. A dictionary of modern English usage. 2nd ed. Gower E, reviser. Oxford (UK): Oxford University Press; 1965.

Fulwiler T, Hayakawa AR. The Blair handbook. 5th ed. New York (NY): Longman; c2009.

Good CE. Who’s (oops whose) grammar book is this anyway? All the grammar you need to succeed in life. New York (NY): Barnes & Noble Books; 2002.

Gorrell D. Style and difference: a guide for writers. Boston (MA): Houghton Mifflin Co.; c2005.

Gower E. The complete plain words. Greenbaum S, Whitcut J, revisers. Boston (MA): DR Godine; 2002.

Graves R, Hodge A. The use and abuse of the English language. 2nd ed. Washington (DC): Marlowe & Co.; 1995. Formerly titled The Reader over Your Shoulder.

Greenbaum S. The Oxford English grammar. London (UK): Oxford University Press; 1996.

Halliday MAK. An introduction to functional grammar. 3rd ed. Matthiessen CMIM, reviser. London (UK): Arnold; 2004.

Lanham RA. Revising prose. 5th ed. New York (NY): Longman; c2006.

Lauther H. Lauther’s complete punctuation thesaurus of the English language. Boston (MA): Branden; 1991.

Law J, editor. The language toolkit: practical advice on English grammar and usage. Oxford (UK): Oxford University Press; 2002.

Mager NH, Mager SK. Prentice Hall encyclopedic dictionary of English usage. 2nd ed. Englewood Cliffs (NJ): Prentice Hall; c1993.

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary of English usage. Springfield (MA): Merriam-Webster, Inc.; c1994.

Merriam-Webster’s guide to punctuation and style. 2nd ed. Springfield (MA): Merriam-Webster; c2001.

Peters P. The Cambridge guide to English usage. Cambridge (UK): Cambridge University Press; 2004.

Seely J. Oxford A–Z of grammar and punctuation. 2nd ed. Oxford (UK): Oxford University Press; 2010.

Truss L. Eats, shoots & leaves: the zero tolerance approach to punctuation. New York (NY): Gotham Books; c2006.

Villemaire L, Villemaire D. Grammar and writing skills for the health professional. Albany (NY): Delmar/Thomson Learning; c2001.

Walsh B. The elephants of style: a trunkload of tips on the big issues and gray areas of contemporary American English. New York (NY): McGraw-Hill; c2004.

Walsh B. Lapsing into a comma: a curmudgeon’s guide to the many things that can go wrong in print—and how to avoid them. Lincolnwood (IL): Contemporary Books; c2000.

Williams JM, Colomb GG. Style: the basics of clarity and grace. 4th ed. New York (NY): Longman; c2010.

Wilson KG. The Columbia guide to standard American English. New York (NY): MJI Books; 1998.

Witte F. Basic grammar and usage for biomedical communicators. Dubuqe (IA): Kendall/Hunt Publishing; 2003.

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